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In the News

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Suppressing Honesty Just Hides the Truth

After 2016, we asked 'why would respondents lie in an anonymous poll?' The answer may shed some light on the 2020 election.

When News Confirms What You Want to Hear, Be Suspicious

This is a friendly reminder to everyone - liberal, conservative, and in between - that whenever you're reading a news source you...

Was Cumulus Media’s Decision To Block Buttigieg Interview From Airing Over ‘FCC Equal Time Rule’ Legitimate or Pretextual?

While a private corporation has the right to choose what it airs, a politically-motivated decision to selectively block interviews is troubling.

Axios, Internals, and How Not To Report on Polls

This internal poll, now being wielded by Trump in his feud with the Congresswomen, is what historian Daniel Boorstin described as a "pseudo-event."

The Myth of Donald Trump

While President Donald Trump has a lot of room to rise or to fall, his tendency to do either does not defy prediction or elude relevant facts.
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Differing Views

The Case for Democratic Infighting

If a Democratic candidate can't even survive attacks from fellow Democrats, they aren't the candidate to defeat Donald Trump in 2020.

What Are The Boundaries of a Good Fight?

Legitimate debate over issues within the party should not be used to sully the motivation and principles of your opponent.

Modern Tribalism and Nontheistic Religiosity

This article represents one view on a complex issue. For a different perspective, see Why We Can't All Just Get...

Why We Can’t All Just Get Along

This article represents one view on a complex issue. For a different perspective, see Modern Tribalism and Nontheistic Religiosity.
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