Newsspeak’s Mission

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new·speak /ˈn(y)o͞oˌspēk/

  1. ambiguous euphemistic language used chiefly in political propaganda.

Orwell’s 1984 is an effective warning against the power of an oppressive government to exercise control over its people. What’s lost in this message, however, is that other powerful institutions similarly hold substantial sway over the boundaries of public thought. One such institution is our news media.

Newsspeak’s mission is to effectuate a more honest, trustworthy, and informative news & media industry in order to ensure a well-informed public necessary to the health of a free society. Newsspeak is a Public Benefit Corporation, which means this mission is legally enforceable. To work toward this mission, we publish three basic types of articles.

(1) We identify contentious issues in the news not getting a fair shake, present the different narratives being spun, and try and get to the facts.

(2) We provide bias & accuracy analysis on a deeper level, identifying trends in biased reporting and discussing tools to combat bias in our own lives.

(3) We present diverse, opposing viewpoints to our readers so that you can decide what to think. We don’t try to present viewpoints as facts or skew the debate by omitting important perspectives we don’t want you to consider.

Newsspeak believes in the marketplace of ideas. But healthy marketplaces need some standards.

To help ensure the integrity of the project, we strive to enlist contributors with diverse ideologies – to mitigate the risk of inadvertent biases in our own analysis and to approach issues from different angles. If you want to contribute to this publication, feel free to reach out to us at

Exposing Bias and Inaccuracy

Our content is focused on exposing news outlets for (1) propagating false information, (2) using accurate information in a misleading or incomplete light, and (3) representing a partisan or political agenda without owning up to that agenda.

Our aim is not to provide a Republican news outlet, or a Democrat news outlet. Our aim is to provide a news outlet for readers of varying ideologies and for non-partisan readers frustrated with being fed false information and hidden agendas, who just want good information and broad access to diverse views.

Newsspeak won’t shy away from providing well thought-out viewpoints and opinions, but those viewpoints and opinions will always be conspicuously labeled as such. And rather than pushing a single narrative, we will always ensure that we provide varying opinions on contentious matters of public interest (when we fall short, we want you to keep us in check – email us at

News Outlets Aren’t the Enemy, But Some of Their Practices Are

Newsspeak does not view itself as an enemy of news media, and we believe such rallying cries intend to sow division and societal mistrust in important institutions. Our role is to challenge news outlets where they fall short of their social obligations and to ensure they are held accountable when they do, and we expect our readers to do the same with us.

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